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Noisy neighbor- Force after us- Sperm Show-

Saturday, December 6 2008

Dream- I am in my room and trying to sleep when I hear some noise outside, I could see that its our neighbor's behind us- and I go outside to see what the hell he is doing. - Its cloudy out and I noticed that he is taking down some trees and The leaves looks like they are on our lawn , I am about to say something, but then I noticed that he has the tree leaves on the hill. So I end up just asking him what he is doing,etc- and we are talking about the family, He asks me about my friends, and I wo

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Cutting up Decapitated talking heads- *

Lucid Intent
Friday, August 4 2006

scene 1 - This dream sure is weird. A bit odd. Disturbing. I am walking in the kitchen, and I go to empty out something in the trash. I open up the trash and I happen to notice this woman's head in the trash. Staring up at the ceiling. THe hair is thin- and brown and her eyes are bulging out . I lifted her up and said "We got to get rid of this. " as if I find heads in the trash ever day * . Well I go out back and the eyes are bulging like i said . I am taking off her hair


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