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stealing friends booze

Wednesday, October 26 2011

dream - I am getting off a bus in our neighborhood and I am walking down by clover street when I noticed marlene walking by with some bag and drinking and I was saying "HEY I know you " and I met up with her on the street, and she's in a winter coat, and was drunk and was walking down by clover berkley- and then I see Ed and he meets up with her, and us and we were talking and then there oddly is something she could put her booze on and I took them out of the bag and was like 'Where did you get

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Fading away in the shower

Thursday, August 11 2011

dream 1- I am in the shower and it felt like I am fading away, I had some bottle with me ,with a strong drink, and I felt like I was older and just drinking and taking the bottle and pouring it down around me. I am also walking around near some fenced in parking lot,and I dont know where to go. Its night and dark. [confused]. 3- then I am in my room and I hear mr idiot come and he is trying to touch me and I am going into my room trying to hide "GO AWAY" i tell him as he puts the stick near my l


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