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Moving on out

Saturday, December 26 2015

Seemed I was in a lot of places last night. I am first around our neighborhood,  inside  old home, helping  move things around. It kind of felt like we were moving out of the house. Or Possibly moving in. Most of the family members were there, and scott even was sitting near the window talking about the new house he got. We were moving big cardboard boxs in the living room . which didn't have a carpet. Was nice smooth wood flooring.  I felt content in the dream, esp when

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Inspector mamma of personal 'toys'

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, December 17 2014

  dream- I am at the old house ,and recall being in my room that I use to be in as a child, and I am with mom..oddly , I really don't know why I dreamed this...since its odd-- I am standing near the old copier we use to have on a white stand....on the copier is a few of my vibrators..and they are in different colors..purple and pink..I recall I think she is testing they were fruit of the loom undies..inspecter 12 ** she was saying '"Why do you use these kind? &#


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