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Working out is hard to do ....

Saturday, January 14 2012

dream --- I am over at the p&c parking lot, and I forgot there is a rite aid nearby, I went in with some friends, and its bigger. I go over to check something on the top shelves, and I saw some expensive monitors and things for Barbie. I am looking for a certain kind of scanner, and I was not finding the one I wanted. I look on a bottom shelf and see some weird looking shoes, and was like 'WOW' I wondered what it would be like to wear them I picked them up and saw that they were so unususal

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Christmas cheer?

Saturday, September 3 2011

dream 1-, i am at home, and talking to Wendy about, some depression issues in my room, and then we were all talking and putting christmas stuff up and Wendy is helping too. I also remember tons of mess on the stairs again, and we had to move it around and to get the christmas stuff around upstairs on the windows. I recall things were messy as we were putting up x-mass stuff, and there was a scene about shopping too, and was looking around for even crhistmas stuff.  I also found some oddly e


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