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Don't cut the Dark roses

Sunday, May 15 2016

I had a bunch of dreams last night. I hope i can recall some . 1) I am in some strange town. Mom is there and Joey, Laurie etc.   I recall having this dream location before.  We were walking along the roadside , to go eat at some 'tavern'    While waiting, I saw some familiar people from other dreams. I went over to a buffet table and the woman looked like the one who worked at the grocery store.  I was talking to her as we picked out food. She

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Floating High N balloons

Lucid Intent
Saturday, April 16 2016

1- I am going into michaels house with some basket full of white sheets. When I open the door I feel I was stuck..or slow moving. When I went in I could hear someone in the middle room.. I hear a woman, and she is talking to a little boy- about the pantry , they needed to 'get more food' which in dream it felt like was Laurie's middle room.  I was going to hide or leave, but she came into the kitchen, and I guess she didn't mind i am in here..because we were talking like old


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