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School memories

Lucid Intent
Thursday, December 15 2005

scene 1- I am in school- [high school]-- and I was getting out of class- I think its the last one- I remember going through the crowded hallways-and I am wearing a winter coat- well I was waiting by the stairs I think to go down- seeing some familiar faces- of snobs-and the guys are sitting along the hallways on a bench- in coats waiting for school to end- and for some reason I was nervous about standing there waiting by them- I think they were making remarks about my looks-

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Not Passing the test but Passing out-

Tuesday, December 13 2005

scene 1- Remember some vague stuff- about being in some building- and was going through the rooms- I think it was like a science lab- and they were doing some tests on humans-that had to do with the mind? well I was trying to find out where they were-and there was another man that was opening the doors too- but I was oddly wanting to find them before he did- or to be the only one that finds- them- When I did go in the room with the equipment and there was a wall that had a window-


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