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Traveling to nowhere land......

Wednesday, December 3 2008

dream- all I really recall,is being at some strange field,- and there are people- around dressed in some winter gear and they are going up on this high white slide. I am going around and trying to find out how to get by that white wall. I see some people going through it and there faces seem to peer out at me. Some manage to run through . I go down the slide and am going near some creek. I had to get around that, and go up another mountain[snow]- then I realized that I had to go through that whi

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School hangouts

Friday, May 23 2008

dream 1- I am in school and doing some work at my desk. I was overhearing some girls talking about lunch? We had a female teacher. She has short black hair.  I recall that I am doing some paper and having hard time with it . SO I had to ask the teacher if I was doing it right. I wasn't sure who I would have lunch with. But in the dream it seemed like we were doing some lunch in the classroom-  I saw some get some food and sit around their desks.   I was with the teacher and she


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