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Playing scenes from the past & Famous neighborhood

Monday, December 31 2012

dream- I am with rachel and she is younger , we start out by playing in the middle room , and was not using the dolls first, we were just setting up some cardboard house's and then we were doing something else downstairs [set up like the past] - and danny g is there talking to me about the old school days and then he got a call that he had to leave so rachel and i went back upstairs and we were in the middle room again, i found the old maria doll - and was pondering if i should bring them up and

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Hawkeye is a Star stage

Lucid Intent
Monday, February 12 2007

scene 1- I am in some gym room- and seeing someone is setting up this ladder that is set up for like fixing the walls. its tall and dark . THere is a platform underneath that they are tighting the screws I then look closer as I was up on the ladder and its hawkeye. who is fixing the ladder I think with Trapper but I am not sure. I was telling them to be sure they are on tight enough There is a basketball game going on too and I was trying to get away from the that. hawkeye


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