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A fatal shooting * Flying to Arabia .

Lucid Intent
Sunday, August 9 2015

  dream 1- Lots of action dreams and odd settings,kind I love .. Well from what I remember from the first dream, I am in a grocery store, and ms brown and mom were waiting in line ..There were a LOt of people purchasing things.. I am not sure if this is where ms brown got shot. but recall she was holding a blue-covered book..and I think the bullet went off another object and hit the book..which I thought protected her, but when we were back home, we find out that she 'got killed

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Not fair to move & whoopi shows her 'soul' shoe .

Sunday, January 11 2015

dream-I am at some odd fairgrounds..least I think thats what it was..I am under a tent- and there was hey on the floor, tables around..some cows ..I was just leisurly talking to some other people..having a good time...until someone took my hand and they were going to start square dancing, and I said ''I hate square dancing,'' someone was holding my hand to start, and Someone on the opposite side of the fence is talking, and he took my hand through the fence holes,and I was very t


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