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Mansion Funhouse or Traps?

Lucid Intent
Saturday, August 5 2006

scene 1 - Some other weird dreams. I am with some group of kids. [teens]. We are on our street. Most of them are boys. I remeber some of them being from our class. Well There is this house that's at the end of our street [only in dream is it this big]. They are curious about the inside. I told them I had been inside before. We went running up to the house [white]. Its like a stone mansion. ----- We had to try and find a way inside. We are going up around the building. I final

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I am Aladdin ?

Sunday, June 18 2006

scene 1- This is surely a very odd dream- For it has to do with Sobels again [ex-neighbors from a loong time ago ) and also some cartoon characters Aladdin. - I remember being in some school - but the school season was over- but we were in the school still . Something odd was going on. I am with Jasmine and Aladdin [they are in cartoon form ]- I think I had some responsibilty for taking care of a baby boy [sobels halle this time] when I went to a classroom- I actually was looki


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