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Strange Muddy Rides

Sunday, August 20 2006

scene 1- Some weird dreams. I am at some docking site.. So that's what it appears to be like. With family , There is some type of weird ride that we could go on. We are waiting for the instructors to get the ship ? ready and I am on the dock ,realizing that I had left some dolls behind. I went to the side of the boat? and could see one of them in the water and I had to reach down and grab the dolls. Luckily Vanessa [from ex-soap opera gl ] was holding onto me and assisting in

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Past life indians-. ?

Lucid Intent
Sunday, March 26 2006

scene 1- scene takes place at some strange city. In fact there is a mixture of the city and some dwellings. Since I seem to be going down to the city and something happened where I am then among these indians. I felt like I couldn't leave. I am sitting up on this window sill looking down at the city and wondering about mom and if they even knew by now that I must not be coming back. I see all the traffic and its almost dusk . I could imagine she must be feeling lone


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