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Interrupted relaxation at hotel - party

Wednesday, February 24 2010

dream- Some crazy dreams again, and I am at a hotel -and I think scott is there with max and everyone but they went out to do some meeting? and I recall having the place to myself. well it is a strange dream, because I am doing something in the room, and picking up things, and I think I was suppose to go down to some event? and I just didn't want to, I am glad to have this place to myself for a change, I saw outside the balcony- and was nice view . I am cleaning up and I think Marlene wanted me

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In Conflict with Rutger Haur

Sunday, May 24 2009

dream- I kind of recall these dreams, wish they would be more clear, I am in some home, and something is going on in the house-. I am trying to get to some rooms, and I couldn't ether open the doors and I also wanted to clean the place but someone wasn't allowing it. I know in dream its Rutger Haur. I recall being down in some basement trying to do something and it was so weird that I had to go back up to the bedroom. I am talking to him and asking 'WHy are u causing this trouble?" he didn't thi


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