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Sibling Rivalry Turned EVIL>

Tuesday, February 10 2009

dream- This dream is so freaky that it woke me up and wanted to watch tv. I know it takes place in a house. I am with some casts from Fraiser in a den and its Niles and Frasier . Sitting on a couch, I think there might of been some gathering? Not sure, but it got really violent. Since I am arguing with a sister [different sister in my dream, she had long black hair and wearing a gown]- I felt that we were trying to compete against evil- and good? I had moved the couch sideways - or she did and t

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Shopping in old neighborhood-Frasier sings *Therapist talk

Sunday, January 18 2009

dream- I am at the old store that use to be corner of white street as we go onto wiliston road that had a pharmacy inside too- but now its like a gift-place- and I am purchasing something- I think it might of been a painting? and I am seeing there are other neat stuff but I think my friend was in a hurry as usual- and I had to wait to see how much it was. There are older woman that are in the cashier area. I guess I bought it and I went outside, and I had to notice some other place I think it lo


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