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Hotel Shabby & Eddie Murphy-Cobra in my bed

Tuesday, May 27 2008

Dream 1--Some weird dreams, I am first at some hotel and I am in the room alone, I was going to take a shower I think, and Kris and I think Laurie wanted to go out for dinner, though I think I had some food in my room? I am getting things packed up because I think we were planning on leaving sometime ? The room wasn't very fancy had a shower and a toilet and just some furniture bed- . But oddly enough I was glad to be staying alone. I am talking on the phone to Kris about the dinner and they wou

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Short dream of old neighbors

Lucid Intent
Monday, November 19 2007

scene 1- Think there were some mixture of other dreams. I was talking to Laurie G - [across the street} and we were talking about the kids I think? I was telling her about the sobels. I think I recall a scene where I went through their garage [sobels]- its a bit lucid- i was going in the kitchen and wondering where the kittens were. I did see them and I was thinking if Mr sobel would come home. There was also a scene with Eddie murphey? I don't really recall it but it was something


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