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Some Short Night-

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, January 29 2008

short night- didn't sleep much but I recall some of the scenes- Were about Charlie and the chocolate factory-[John depp] When he was eating the ucky worm stuff that the little guy offered him . I could see the bowl was full of the worms- and it was gross. I recall something about seeing one of the young girls [blonde] eating the stuff and something went wrong I think vague part . - Some other mixture of scenes- but were vague- since it was a hard night- I was out on the street I

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Some movie ? or real life

Tuesday, January 1 2008

dream 1- I am with Rachel and we are going to see the movie Sweeny Todd- [we plan to I guess in real life] and its really a mixture of dream and movie. - Hard to explain but its like I was there watching the movie but also being a part of it. - We were watching it and some odd things sure did occur. - Like he was on a bed and had some odd face of a pumpkin and was jumpin up and down- on the bed and Rachel was like "This is what I was waiting for " Like there was a sexual feeling to


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