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exploring the rooms. with Brady's

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, April 18 2007

scene 1 Recall being in a 2 story house, I am upstairs. There is a wall that has a slant to it . I am exploring the house. I don't know the house in real life. I was just there in the bedroom. The rooms were small. I wanted to go explore more, but there were other people in the house. Oddly I think The brady's were there. Think I had talked to Greg and Mrs b. at first. It felt a bit vivid. Even when I was up in the rooms. I was downstairs with them in the kitchen. It felt somewhat

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Father from the past? 1930's

Thursday, September 21 2006

scene 1 - I am on some strange ship. It felt like a hotel at first and I felt like I am a different person. Think I may have played the husband? but I am also part of the family . or watching the events. I recall the drive is in the country first and there are some farms around that the family had trouble driving around with the roads being winding. There is also a hillbilly family that was around and they had some type of diner? I think thats where they came from and were a bit


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