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School bathrooms too small- Teacher has earrings

Sunday, August 2 2009

dream- I am in school, and in a classroom, Its a busy classroom, and I am writing some things down that the male teacher is saying. Had something to do about syringes? I am talking about earrings and stuff to some girls? and that's when the teacher [think it was mr latup?} actually comes over and says "I got some earrings too " he showed us the earrings and I am like "WOW" since he has them all the way up the side of his ears and were big shiny. "That muste've hurt" I said. He said "NO was good

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Hanging *around the wrong Gang.

Lucid Intent
Saturday, April 15 2006

scene 1- I am in some strange building, with Greg Brady? its some apartment and like some run-down building but the apartment is spacious- . [brick interior]-. I recall staying around there and was visiting- I think Greg was watching some horror movie- and I am packing up somethings that I had there * seems odd but I seem to always have this dream about having to pack up things and not wanting to leave anything behind, only this time its not dolls, its mostly my music, cd


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