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Strange bedfellows

Tuesday, August 21 2007

scene 1 ) I am in some strange room, I am near a boy laying on the bed getting some rest. I could hear some voices outside. Hoping they don't come in. Oddly I think "We shouldn't be doing this" I am not even sure what I ment , but it felt rather guilty and I am tired. So I am not sure if it was sexual. ? scene ) I am shopping now , and we had a lot of clothes. I mostly look at the jeans and wonder"Did I get the right type" Thinking of returning. I asked the woman near me and she

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To Honor with Respect-?

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, February 15 2006

Theme 1- I am having some dinner party- with some strangers and also the Harts [Hart to hart]- Something also about its in honoring some older- royality friend of theirs? . people - Me The harts- [jennifer and jonathan hart]- Some old woman that is their friend- extra's Even Laurie and Rachel- and Some Star wars characters lol- almost forgot the obnoxious kids that were there too. [strange]- . action- Remember there is going to be some dinner pary at some man


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