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Raning Cats and Dogs-

Tuesday, October 28 2008

dream 1- I am in some odd apartment duplex, and there is a black couple with a kid there too. I realized after talking to the black girl that she was the woman on jeffersons? the neighbor and she said "Yes I was" and I stayed with them since the guys were acting weird. I mostly talked to the other obese black woman and her child. I don't recognize them but they are friendly. Then I go back home, and I had to deal with some animals. I think Hershey might of been in one? since she is outside and

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Unusual Request at party

Friday, June 6 2008

dream 2)- I am at home. Something weird is going on- I recall it first started with a Party-at my house First I think, and there were mixture of people there that I knew. Some were black. I recall talking to this one black girl and about the furniture how it was placed so no one could really get by. I am seeing some kids there too. Which I thought was odd because it was really an adult party. - I remember trying to talk to the brother [black] about the way the bookcase is on the stairs and he wa


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