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Johnny Depp In my Knots

Tuesday, April 22 2008

Dream 1- Finally! got some dreams to write down- I just asked for them to return no pressure- and have a good one- . - !   Well, I am in some school room I think it was? and there were some people around. I could see Johnny Depp- and he was younger- I don't know if he was in the dream though- it might of been just an image of them as younger- since someone told me how I knew him, and I was tying my shoe on some platform [white] and said "I didn't know him from  a video " - I

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Johnny Be Good {DEPP}

Friday, September 22 2006

Scene 1 - Well yes another dream about school. I start out in the classroom and seems like its not really for my age. We were sitting at desks in groups,and working on our math work. Think there was some baby there too. Since I recall there is a blonde mother there that is trying to calm her down and I had said "Well maybe she is hungry. " Getting annoyed at her for having it here. Her face was even red. [baby]. So I think I took her out and was giving her the bottle since I wasn't g


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