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Magical forgetful tests bring on low grades with Harry P.

Sunday, May 20 2012

dream 2- I am in school and with some classmates in the cafe waiting for the lunch to be over, and think we had taken some tests . I am not familiar with the classmates, but they are friends of mine in the dream. - There's a LOt of students waiting and using the escalater [odd for it being in the cafe'}- well we were all eating too and talking about our grades . I thought I did a good job.  I found a paper and it was in my name. I guess they had dropped it. - I looked and its one of those t

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Alone or NOT alone?

Saturday, February 26 2011

dream 2-From what I recall, I felt like I was in the school and looking around, [chamberlin]-  I felt I was alone at first, when I was going down the halls, and getting thrilled but there is some guy there and he startled me , but he was willing to show me around and had to lock up some of the other rooms, I really just wanted to be there alone, but well I guess I was following him , and going down the hallways, wasn't really watching him, I was then around some auditorium and was with some


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