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Airplane height falling in the city ...

Wednesday, August 5 2015

Dream- Some odd dreams last night, I am viewing a big airplane over a was night time..I  first am observing the plane, flying slowly over the city. I then am in or on the plane, and it went down..slowly..I am standing on  a wing, and looking down..A man was near me, with a hat on..and I couldn't really tell what he looked like,because he was like a 'dark shadow' behind me..though I was hearing him or someone who was saying '"I wish it wasn't so  

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Hiding in the dark-walking with characters

Monday, January 19 2015

dream- from what I can recall , it was a strange dream night- first I recall still going to sleep, but heard a familiar my ears- and recalled it as being 'when mom  was in her wheelchair, we had a bell put in, ' for her to ding- if she needed me- and that's what I recall first, 2-These are a bit vague, I am walking in our neighborhood..and its dark out.. felt a bit like the dream the other night..where I was walking in the dark..though this time, its a bit confusing


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