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Magical place but NO privacy-

Thursday, June 9 2011

dream 1- Some scenes from Harry Potter,where I talk to Ron and Harry, and was talking about some project, and Snape is following Hermione, when we were going around after her to try and get to the private area we wanted to talk about in private. Snape Kept following us, and we couldn't get in the private area, so we went through the crowd and was talking among the noise.  2--- Then some odd dreams about the neighborhood kids and was walking around with them on the streets, and they were goi

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Barefoot in school-

Lucid Intent
Sunday, February 5 2006

scene 1- I am at school and its the very last day. We are going from classroom to classroom and handing in our books-. I had been talking to some friends in school and then oddly enough I realized that I didn't have any shoes on- [boots]- I realized this as I was going out of one of the classrooms- THe hallway was crowded and I kind of recalled where I had left them in the hallway by the lockers? I am hoping that I find my way before the school bell rings- . Since I felt that


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