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Half Nice and Half Dirty * mom acting weird

Monday, April 2 2012

dream- 1- I am in some hotel, and its not a very fancy one. I asked if I could have a room with a nice tub. The lady at the counter was processing my room. A man was there too taking other people's cards. We go to the room and its big enough. I was ok with it, until I realized that its really a room in HALF- and I see a small bathroom , I was like "What the hell" -  I go in and its a small dirty tub- and then I see where the wall was to come out and make it 2 rooms. I am not pleased so I go

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Sex cont.

Monday, July 25 2005

This is the continuation of the sex dream "A good HO" I then am still on the mattress, and I felt someone touching me. I was going to protest , until I noticed it was Starsky . So I was thinking I had to get up, but he was taking me and kissing me . Then we were laying down and I could see he was going to put his huge {I mean huge} penis in me and he was saying "Here is a great babe." There still was people around like a party. He was putting it inside me and wow we really went at


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