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That old familiar creepy feeling * Cocaine snorting * whoopi

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, October 21 2015

dream- 1 some very odd dreams last night,  I recall the first dream was with some unfamiliar people. We were in a building , it was an office building . we were taking some break and talking in the break room.  and acting ok. I remember going to the elevator . I felt that was when it felt 'creepy' like we were talking about what would be more creepy . We went into the cramped elevator. I was feeling very 'creeped out' Guess talking about the shapes of creatures we would

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Caught by a cop 'ITs just cake mix' not cocaine.

Saturday, April 30 2011

dream 1- Some odd dreams, I am in a big place, looks like a school, but am in some shopping center. I am going around and was talking to people and shopping for things. I was also in a school room, and was doing some paper work. I don't recognize any of the people, only in dream, - I went around was happy. I was then outside and it looked a bit like chamberlin school, and there are a line of people with some cops,and they looked to be booking people. I had some bag in my hands, was looked like s


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