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Mixed breeds

Sunday, October 23 2011

dream 1-, I am over at micheals house, and its not his in the dream, i think it belongs to some men. I am there and helping out with some guests.  I noticed marlene is there too, and we had beer and wine, and I saw her with some guy, and I realized what we were there for, and I had to talk to a authority man and he was directing me to drink, and to talk and be with another man, I had to try and stay away from the window, because I didn't want mom or dad to see me, so when they would walk me

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SO which is it? store or OLD school

Saturday, October 1 2011

dream 1-, I am all over the place, I first am shopping in a big store, like a warehouse type but its also attached to a school. I remember going around the store and purchasing big stuff, and Laurie was like "NOT SO BIG" and I didn't listen, I am looking around and am in another part of a  store, and I wanted to purchase something that is of jewelry and am wanting to add more too it [think its like a chain that you ad stuff to] and a girl is nice enough to help me pick, and some were on the


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