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Officer of the Day- ? Taken by Rick. S

Monday, December 15 2008

dream- I am in another odd place. I am also with a crowd. Strange I felt that I am a female officer. Since I had to go to the locker rooms to find my pants. I asked the other fellow officers where the lockers are and they pointed down the other end . I told them I had to change. I don't really look or feel like me, I am someone different. - and I had lighter red hair. I feel taller too. I couldn't find a name tag and I then used another woman's locker that looked like its not even been used. - I

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Shopping and getting Left behind

Lucid Intent
Thursday, May 24 2007

scene 1 ) I recall being on the road. and with some members of the family. I am on Wiiston road. We are going to go to GRand undion . ? I think we stopped there for a little bit of shopping? I went into Brooks but its a bit like the past and I was seeing some stuff that I was going to get, but I hear they are ready to get going again. I had to go help with setting up the car. I think I went in . the store again and was getting somethings even had a shopping basket. I was seeing t


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