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Home sickness * threatening voice..hiding out

Friday, August 7 2015

dream- I am at the old home first, and I walk in the front door, I see some dogs on a metal table by the front door, one is suppose to be like Emma, our old beagle, but she looks more like a fuzzy medium poodle with different colors..I mean she was so very fluffy- and had grey and white fur, the other dog was possibly patches..and a vet was telling mom that they were sick..I am like ''They don't look sick,'' felt like I had this dream before..* I didn't recognize Emma , I

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Hanging with Mulder * Contest of speed

Wednesday, April 8 2009

dream- I am with david duchovny and we are oddly hanging on some white pipes in some room- ? and I am asking him how come we have to hang on them, and he was trying to explain to me the activity that's been going around these pipes- and I hear Scully talking to us, then she tells me the dangers of the pipes, and I am having a hard time hanging on- when David is relaxing on the pipes and Scully is glancing at us through the pipes. Telling we don't have much ,time on the pipes and I am trying to h


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