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dreams of action & character...light play..

Friday, August 24 2012

dream 1-I am in some strange building and was like an apartment building ...had to do with seeing the disney characters aladdin -were doing some weird action in some smaller place..and was going around the room and singing like in the movie...was helping aladdin out .. with something for jasmine..genie was around too..mostly flying up after something... Then am still in same area ..building and was in some apartment [dark green walls]-was trying to sleep but another couple was around me ..i go

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Strange Bizarre Company

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, August 1 2006

scene 1 - I am having some sure bizarre dreams- I am with Simon and Simon. {Show Characters] Something is going on where we are in this house? that's near some woods. We are Trying to find some Kidnappers? They are doing some stake out. In this area. I felt a bit like I am assisting them in finding them? I am showing where they had been doing the abduction etc. Though it felt like, We're some how with the abductors? Since They were ordering us around and doing these odd


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