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strange bedfellows- harts at a party

Saturday, January 2 2010

dream- I am in a hotel, and I think its at some place I think maine since I see a ocean view from our window- i wanted to go to the bathroom but I hear mom in there brushing her teeth.I wanted to tell her something? and I am seeing how the bathrooms are used up- and I was trying to go around to another area of the hotel to find some bathrooms, and I guess I see mr hart and he is trying to go to a dinner party? he's in a black suit- ,and waiting for - mrs hart.  I am not sure if she is drunk

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Stealing a Fountain Dragon

Wednesday, July 16 2008

dream 1-  I am at home, and I happen to see some odd looking truck- I thought it was for  some other neighbor but oddly its made of  rocks on the side of the truck and in a  pattern . I see the family was setting it up to go to Maine? Since that's where Mom and   dad were. - going. I see dad was going to actually help with putting up a bike in the  front of the truck. I am a bit gleeful that they are going. Though Oddly enough I guess   I had gone on the


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