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Stolen Property- accusing me??

Tuesday, November 18 2008

dream-I am in some resaurant that is fancy, and looked old- Me and some friends, only in dream- were seated around the table. I think we were celebrating something. I noticed it was getting late and I said "I better get going" - Some reason I had to stay for another half hour. I guess I had to wait for a ride? I had to get up to get my coat but something happend where there is a coat mix up and some woman came in to talk to be about the coats and had to get me away from the table, i am so livid

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Stuck up on yourself

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, April 5 2006

scene 1- 2 more scenes lol - Well I am with Laurie and Rachel, I feel that rachel is younger in the car- . We are driving the backroads- and its sunny out , no snow on the ground. I think we were going to eat at some restaurant. Everything was going fine, we were enjoying the ride and with music etc- until we come to this road that looked to be a bridge was not together- I said "I think we should stop to check it out. " She was cautious too [unlike my dad in these drea


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