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Drug addict

Sunday, July 5 2009

dream- I am in some other room and I am dealing with more drugs, I am with some bunch of other people, and these cops come and there is a female cop that I am going to show her that I had something in this blue- container- and [dark blue]- I go over to a box- and I am prepared to show her as she is checking out other people, and I say "This has drugs- in it" and I thought by showing her that she would give me a break on the  arrest, but she is looking at the needle and ends up saying I will

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Weirdness is how to explain it

Sunday, September 16 2007

scene 1 ) actually I do recall a weird dream - I am at home, and some family members are around also again my sister's ex-. I don't know why he is even there. He is blocking the doorway to the kitchen- and talking about his friend . I am getting ready to go in my sister's truck to go on our trip . I was going to go in the truck when I thought I should go back and use the bathroom before I go. I see they are already to go but I was saying "I just need to get something in the house" i


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