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Some very strange situations life in the fast lane

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, February 18 2015

dream- I am at our old home [seems to be recurring theme] and was with mom and scott...I think was halloween , and I don't think we had the lights on for the kids to come to the door, but the odd part was, scott was sitting in front of the tv , facing the door, and the glass door was open, I said "I don't think its a good idea to sitting in the front of the door,'' but I looked out, and noticed not many kids were around, and other neighbor's had their lig

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Driving around in circles

Friday, September 15 2006

scene 1 - I am driving by myself [yes in my own car ]- after getting out of school. ? and I go down the road and I seem to be doing ok at first, until I drive through the highway and get a bit nervous. So I had to turn into this parking lot. I pull into the lot that had some truck that was pulling out . The parking lot is small. I manage to drive into it. and attempt to turn around. I knew that I am getting stuck and confused. I see my headlights go on .I felt I had to turn out of the


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