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Abducted by weird family & dad gone?

Lucid Intent
Friday, February 17 2006

scene 1- Some bizarre dreams. I recall being in some strange house. I think I had gone through the schoolyard - and I am with some kids. They are talking about some strange couple in one of the houses around there-. So I am telling them "Then you shouldn't go over to their property." Something actually happens when I am then in their house [a fancy place]- There is a woman [wife]- and a husband that is slightly overweight]- She is in the kitchen and she asks me about a

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Dad Ressurected-?

Monday, January 2 2006

scene 1- These are some odd dreams- creepy you might say. - I think some of my dreams might be coaxing me to be lucid- because there are some scenes that just were really vivid and had some triggers , but I think it depends on what I am doing in the dream that I try to be lucid- . These dreams just had some creepy odd- bizarre scenes- though the first one had to do with my dad- and how he died- in the dream- He had been downstairs- on the computer- and I remember something


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