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Scorpions take over

Tuesday, April 17 2012

dream - I am outside in the backyard, and I was working on the yard. Rosie is with me, and I get up the mound and was oddly going to put some old dolls in the hole. I had wanted to be rid of them and I was putting them down the hole when all these scorpions were around the mound and they were a clear orangy color. I tried to get the dolls back out [changing my mind] but they were all around grossing me out. I was wanting them out though, and I managed to get some stuff out again, and rosie was b

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Underground food court

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, March 27 2007

scene 1- I am out in the backyard. I think its the past because the old fence is up where we could still see in the yards. I recall talking to Freddie- sunny out summer- the kids were around her too. We were discussing some topic. ? Well I had this hole in the backyard I wasn't sure where it came from. ? I was starting to dig more and oddly enough there was a woman with blonde hair and a young child down there. For some reason I was laughing and saying "You can't get out can you?" Thoug


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