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Trying to prevent death

Wednesday, July 22 2015

dream- some odd dreams last night,..I am in some different scenes..  I recall or think it started at old home..with mom.  I am downstiars. I think it was my scotts old bedroom.. There is a mattress on the floor.. I  don't really think its my room, since there is a twin bed near the side wall..  I was setting up the mattress ,putting a sheet over it..  I went here to escape the noise upstairs,and to sleep..They were watching a game..some other people w

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Some odd skin conditon.

Lucid Intent
Sunday, April 9 2006

scene 1- I think it started at home, I am on the couch , past,* and watching tv, the tv is even over in the corner by the fireplace. The others had gone out for a while * I notice the vcr- and trying to get the tape out after the strange sparks that had come out of it-. I pull out the tape but it gets stuck- Some other sparks are coming out- . I noticed the inside is wired. Some reason I can't get it fixed. I was wanting it fixed before they came back- . I guess they w


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