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Lucid in awkard situations -wolves snarl

Lucid Intent
Saturday, December 17 2016

1- some lucid dreams ,it started at some strange building. The light in the place  - looking through goggles under water. light-blue .The rooms were in the offices and think it was a doctors office..didn't really see many people. They were just behind the windows were tinted the light blue- I am then on a table in  the small office- wasn't really. Lucid here [only in the waiting room.] I was waiting for them to draw some blood.. Some doctor did come in take a pint.

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The RIght Leg

Tuesday, May 8 2007

scene 1 I am in some hospital. I think we had some appointment for mom? I am trying to find the place. - I come to an area where a woman in a wheelchair is trying on a artificial leg- I was amazed how flexible it was. I am watching her flex the foot and the leg [flat feet ] green dark -. I asked " How can we get those kind?" I saw some under a shelf. They were surprised I asked "My mom got a guys leg " I pointed to the type. So the nurse asks my mom to pick one out. Even came in c


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