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school days and Doll days *

Tuesday, April 25 2006

scene 1- I am in some strange setting, I believe it was a store at first, and I am just browsing around for some clothes? there was some other woman that was trying to get me to purchase some perfume this woman had short dark brown hair- and skinny- I am getting annoyed by her- but I then go into some video store and was looking at horror tapes- I may have purchased one- Then the mall turns into some school and its middle school , I remember going to some classes, and ther

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Too many interruptions=no lucidation

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, February 28 2006

scene 1- In school. This school is huge. I remember I am trying to make friends. So When I am sitting next to these 2 popular girls, I am pretending that I actually am dating a boy. I had to ask her about the approaches and the right things to do for a date etc. She is giving me advice and I am pretending that its this boy in the class who asked me. This girl has long brown hair , tall . The other is blonde, pettite and blue eyes. We had to be quiet because we are watching s

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Three hours with Gilligan is enough-

Thursday, January 5 2006

scene 1- I am at home and in my old bedroom [tredmill room] I think there was a friend over [not in life]- and we had just gone swimming so now we are playing some game on the bed- I think it was getting closer to dinner time- I was getting hungry- The odd part was when we were watching tv- [gilligan?} I was wondering if mom was making dinner yet- {that's not the odd part ]- when we were watching the tv- I think she asked me about gilligan- and how old he was- then it was like t


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