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Laughing with friends,little man,dolphin world

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, July 29 2015

dream- I am in a unfamiliar building,near some small glass windows. It looked out to a beautiful yard , that had some pine trees, and garden ,small fountain.. I suddenly see a small perfectly round bubble...floating by me..and I feel like I am floating free...going through the window like I was swimming through it..feeling hair was floaing around me , longer in dream..and wearing a white dress..least I am not sure if it was part skirt or dress...I went through the window with no

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magical weirdness

Thursday, October 20 2011

dream 1- Some disturbing dreams, I am in an unknown location, its a big house, and I think marlene is with me we are doing some odds and ends, and the place is a clutter mess. There are others there too. I am outside on the deck, which is long, and had scenery around it, and rocks, I am doing some cleaning, and I happen to see some mermaids around the water, and this is where it gets weird, because There is a mermaid that can walk and comes up to me and first I think its the male, that actuall


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