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Haunted antiques? [mom passed away yesterday] ;(

Tuesday, February 14 2012

dream-I am going to this store, and its an antique store I guess. I really am looking around for old stuff and I hear a guy come in and he was asking the question I never thought of asking. "Are any of these haunted" and I was like what a good question. "Some of the dolls over there might be, I am not sure " said the older woman behind the counter. I went over to where she pointed too, and didn't want the guy to get the haunted stuff before me. I saw some old dolls in the carriage and was seeing

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Trying to Catch the bus and Hospital surgery

Sunday, December 28 2008

dream. I am downtown and I think by myself. I am shopping til I realize that it was time to go and try to catch the buses, least that's how I recall it- and its sunny out and no snow. I had to find out about the buses. and was carrying my stuff. I recalled that scott has a store there ? and I was walking across the street towards it I could see him doing something in the store. - I see him and tell him i am looking for the buses, it actually felt like I was lost and couldn't really find them. I


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