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Being a 'sport ' with the president & mingling with stars..

Friday, March 13 2015

dream- what I remember , is a bit vague, just in little fragments... I am in a gym ,watching a basketball game [boys]...and its very crowded and noisy..I recall seeing the president [oboma] and even his wife, was there, at half time- and they were giving out awards, also I recall they were choosing people out of the audience and I think he picked me, even though I protested [shy]...but he let me throw a basket, with his two girls..and I may have gotten some type of 'plack' I don't kn

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Hart to Hart drinking again

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 10 2007

setting 1- I recall being in the harts house [since I had watched hart to hart]. I guess I had dreamed about them. - Well they are entertaining- people. I was in the dining area. - I saw mrs hart coming down the stairs. With a drink in her hand - note she usually is drunk in a dream. - I was seeing her announce her husband I think and she was - really getting all over the place. Lol. I know there were other people there that weren't that friendly. I recall that mr hart was trying


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