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Driving to the country and finding a bell

Wednesday, August 1 2007

scene 1 ) I am with Laurie and Kris I think Rachel is with us? We are going for a drive and I was looking at something of Rachel's I could use for a purse. ? I happen to see something that is like a bag and i look in and wondered what she had inside. I just peek in and there seems to be some pieces of chocolate and I oddly wonder if they are just condoms? weird. I was planning to take that bag when we left. However i then noticed that rachel had used it,and was a bit disappointed. We wer

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Strange Inn and Occupants

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, February 21 2007

scene 1 - I recall being in some house again. I am with Laurie and Rachel I think kris is there too. I think its a INN again. I was seeing some odd things and wanted to see if they're for sale. ? The woman there is a bit annoyed I would even ask. I was admiring the decor. I think Scott is there too. Almost like its a family vacation? Since others are there too. I recall going around the place and i think maybe even outside the snow area. Where I was almost stuck. ? I recall there w


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