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Resort to keys

Sunday, October 28 2007

scene 1 -- I am with my dad and Andy- [person works for us]- we are driving to some resort and it looks like the old sugar bush place we use to even own. I was shocked since it looks great. Updated the rooms Andy said. I see them going up by the escalators and Andy was showing dad the rooms but I stayed behind and sat at some tables. I found some keys that were to some rooms [they are blue cards that go to the doors]- I picked them up to look at them , and they are room keys I think?

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Driving over to the edge *

Lucid Intent
Sunday, May 14 2006

scene 1- These I must say have some bizarre dreams- . The first dream of the night I recall, is Dad is driving, and mom and Laurie are in backseat, also I am strangly in the front seat with dad. I ask him if he is ok to drive, and if he'd want Laurie to take over. "NO I am fine. " He says as he reaches for his seatbelt. Mom was saying "ARe you just putting that on?" annoyed he didnt' have it on. He managed to get it on, and I was a bit annoyed myself. since we


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