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Simon and Simon - weird events

Friday, July 4 2008

Dream 1- I am in simon and simon's truck and in the backseat- I was holding a pillow , and we are driving on white street-  I glance out the window and I am quiet- I think Aj asks something, and I told him some of my relatives were molested. Though i Know I  am talking about me. ? I hear him trying to ask me something and I am not really with it. They keep driving and we're in wiliston I think. I  think we go to  some building. I am not sure what kind of building. I was walki

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Out of Body-Saves lifes

Lucid Intent
Monday, March 20 2006

scene 1- I am viewing some scene about a truck and a school bus . Seems odd but I felt like I was in the truck and the driver is going very fast. He appears to be loosing control and going around the traffic on the country roads. I see some school bus coming up ahead and its going fast too- I had to do something to prevent them from crashing. I go out of body? and am trying to get the bus to slow down- I don't think it sees me, and I least was trying to manuever the bus o


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