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Hot 'Ticket'

Saturday, May 21 2016

1-I am at my old home, and was so excited when I had got  a golden 'ticket' with 25,000  on it. The ticket reminded me of 'charlie and the chocolate factory- ' but had money in black on it. Was coming down with three ballons in various areas- outside front..then inside kitchen - dark red ballon and blue. I had them in my hands and showing other people. I opened the cellar door and saw it was semi-dark. There was light coming through the backdoor. I sense mon is downstai

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magical moments transforms me into a vampire.....

Saturday, March 14 2015

     dream-- I had a dramatic dream last night, but I enjoyed it ..since its been dull with the same old dreams of the old house..etc....   Though I recall it did start there, and mom and dad was around- in the living room, watching tv..I was feeling bored, and went to do something in my old room [middle room]- I  think we were discussing something of a 'craft' witch- and I told them something ,but they didn't believe it-.. That's why I went into my o


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