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Play of all times?

Lucid Intent
Friday, June 22 2007

scene 1) This is a bit weird , I am with some crowd in some auditorium. We were getting prepared for some play. I think I am a bit confused since some people were in old-fashioned clothing. I was passing out the food trey and wondering when things were going to start? I sat way up on the last seats. Oddly enough I see Frasier too. I was curious to when we were going to start the play or why others were in those old fashioned clothes. ? I was thinking must be part of the play? I crossed

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Jealousy among friends- school days

Saturday, June 16 2007

scene 1- I am with marlene and some other couple. We are I guess at her place? Doing some entertaining. dinner. I don't really recognize the kitchen since its different. Its also a bit messy. We are talking and I asked her about the other people she knew. I guess I wanted to know more of her co-workers to see how many our friends. Feeling jealousy in the dream. I could see them laughing. I think the kids are actually there too. I was talking to Tabitha. In the kitchen watching marlen


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