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needing a 'lift' in life

Tuesday, January 29 2013

dream 1-I am in school and in a classroom , doing some exam , next to some old classmates . I am thinking how long I would have to even get to senior year . I am not sure i will pass even these tests..I felt a bit insecure and why did i even attempt to come back to school.. The class is over , and had to give the teacher [female] our tests and I asked her about the years here and  its 4 more years- and I felt even even more uncertain about coming back , I am putting on my shoes near the doo

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Overwhelming of Completion *or jump in da hole

Lucid Intent
Monday, May 1 2006

scene 1 I am at school, and there are exams going on.we are sitting at some desks close together. I am trying to really figure out some sketches like from a cartoon, that we had to decipher * I look at what Rick B - is doing next to me, and try to see what he is drawing. OR how he is solving it. I waited til the teacher , I think she is ms Whitmore- or Corley both are alike * . Left for a moment to see other students. Then I ask "Rick, how are you suppose to so


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