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Last Day of High school to save a motorcycle

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, November 6 2007

scene 1)- I am at the high school. I think it graduation because there are events going on around the outside of the school . I could see some fair type rides around and some people were waiting in line. As I was talking to someone, I happen to notice these 2 girls [teens] one had long brown hair- actually breaking in the side window of the school. I couldn't get over they were actually doing it while people were around. I was shocked watching them go in the window. I guess

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Short meetings

Thursday, November 1 2007

scene 1- I recall being on the set of golden girls. and I was at the table talking to Dorthy about something. I think it might of been about a relationship? I think I also talked to Blanche and Rose I don't really recall it. Then I recall being at this fair ground and I was seeing some Ride and I was watching the people on it. It was going slow at first and I thought I could go on it. Then it started to pick up speed. So I knew I couldn't go on it.. end


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