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Fireworks from the past - lost in city-

Friday, May 8 2009

dream- i recall being with amanda or talking to amanda- on the phone about being with each other on the 4th of july - I think in dream it was the fourth? the house felt like the past- when we were growing up- . - but in the present too since I did still have the computer etc- . I am telling her we can meet outside? to watch the fireworks- Well I go to the fence, and its like there is NO fence I am standing near it , and the chain-link is even gone and the fence is down[tall fence]- .I am near th

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Swimming around gets me nowhere and shopping annoyance

Lucid Intent
Monday, October 2 2006

scene 1 Recall some other dream about swimming in the ocean and The cast from Gilligan is with me. I think I was expecting to be on the other side of the island . But when we finally did land on dry land Ginger Was saying "Well here we are again. " Looking at Gilligan. I was seeing that we were actually on the island and I said "Guess we can go back to swimming out. " Everyone didn't even want to attempt to try. Though I was still swimming around the island. Telling them that


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