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Old Gravestones- and OWn Room. in hotel

Thursday, December 18 2008

dream- I am with Marlene, and we were on the bus . I think we had gone shopping since she carried a big bag.  The bus goes on Hinesburg road and I noticed the graveyard. I guess her house will be closer to the graveyard. I know the area, and its odd because I found some magazine that has a gravestones that are very old. I say "Lets go look at these stones' I was showing her the piece of paper. I see though we are going near the other jewish area- SO we get off the bus. I just really recall

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Weird Stranger

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, October 17 2007

scene 1 ) I recall being somewhere I don't recall in life- but its shopping areas. I go to this big building and it has shops in it- I recall we had been traveling before this and on back roads. I think its kris's truck? We were going around stopping on some back roads too I think across from some farm? We didn't go to the farm , we were just in the woods . We might of even went through some marshes and were going to the city. ? I think it was family but some friends [only in dream]-


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